Picking the best hosting package for your business:

When deciding the web hosting service that suits your needs, the following should be considered . After reading this list, please see below for our recommended hosts and packages.

There are generally three types of hosting packages available: shared, dedicated and managed.

Shared is where a hosting service provides the space on one of their servers, and you are able to upload files, and gain access to a control panel to manage some settings. Dedicated is where your website resides on its own server, and you are able to control exactly how the server is configured, as well as having full administrative access. Dedicated hosting allows you to run as many websites as you like. Managed packages provide a machine of your own, but the hosting service does all the configuration and administration for you.

Consider these do’s and don’ts:

  • do forget the names of the packages, choose the set of features that suits you;
  • don’t forget the main considerations are web space and bandwidth;
  • do consider carefully how much space you will need in the medium term – e-commerce and sites with video and music files take up more space than a basic site with images and text;
  • do make sure the hosting service tells you up-front how much bandwidth you will get – this is how much data can be downloaded from your site in a specific time period, usually monthly – you will be charged extra for exceeding the limit;
  • don’t get caught by service providers that refer to connection speed as bandwidth;
  • do consider the operating system (windows or Linux/Unix) – Windows will probably cost more as there are Licence fees but you will have access to ASP scripting if that is a requirement, while Linux or Unix servers feature PHP and/or Perl scripting

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